Ben Colvin, executive coach

Ben Colvin, Certified Coach

Coaching leaders and their teams to accelerate the realization of their greatest potential by leveraging diversity and inspiring the highest levels of performance.


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Coaching engagements with Coaching Works NYC often begin with evidence-based tools that are grounded in research and designed to raise awareness, accelerate insight and provide greater accuracy about strengths, opportunities for development and managing vulnerabilities. These insights are the foundation for successful coaching of leaders and their teams and productive consulting assignments.


1:1 leadership coaching

Coaching leaders, emerging leaders and high potential talent to be more impactful and better prepared to succeed their predecessors.

team coaching

Improve team engagement and performance to deliver value for their stakeholders and the company.


Accelerate identification of a more diverse leadership bench with greater predictability for successful leadership outcomes among existing talent and new recruits.

As a coach, my foundation is based on 25-plus years as a corporate business executive and firsthand experience in building and leading diverse, domestic and global teams. I combine this business lens with coaching certifications and evidence-based tools to deliver a singular perspective my clients are able to apply in a transferable, scalable and sustainable way.

Whether coaching individuals or teams, my approach focuses on helping clients see their world from different perspectives. When leaders broaden their views, they achieve their greatest potential and inspire the highest degree of performance from their teams. The realization of personal truths enables leaders to make choices that are more fulfilling and transformational, equipping them for success beyond what they initially sought from me as a coach.

Coaching Works NYC collaborates with coaches and consultants that reflect the breadth and diversity of today’s workforce and its client companies.




60 minute exploratory discussion

30 minute meeting

30 minute coaching session

60 minute coaching session

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