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Discovering the innate talents of employees and transforming teams are common threads woven throughout my career. Today, they are the focus of my coaching practice.

From my start in the non-profit sector through executive corporate roles, I gained a deep appreciation for an essential truth. Optimizing talent and teams are as critical to business success as technical skill and organizational structure.

This truth shaped my accomplishments as a senior leader of billion-dollar businesses across the financial services, insurance and payment technology industries in product, marketing and business development roles.

All along the way, I built and led diverse regional and global teams to achieve near-term business objectives and address strategic, future growth imperatives. At every step, I navigated the challenges of change management, the interdependencies of global and regional functions, and the intricacies of matrix management, to produce superior results through high-performing teams, whether they had 6 members or 160.

I experienced firsthand how championing diversity that encompasses gender, race, ethnicity, generational, and geographic differences empower teams and drives innovation. I also learned how to leverage diverse talent to create deeper leadership benches and enable more deliberate succession planning.

As a coach to individuals and teams, I’m able to leverage my business and organizational acumen from 25-plus years as a corporate executive to help senior leaders, managers, emerging leaders including millennials develop their leadership skills and their careers. Combined with my passion for developing and managing effective teams, my unique perspective, along with my coaching certifications, enables me to assist executives, managers, and teams at companies of all sizes in a transferable, scalable, and sustained way.


As a Coach…

Reputation for being authentic, relatable, and bold.

Able to evoke individual and team transformation by tapping the coaching client’s innate skills and core values.

Understand the co-client relationship between the sponsoring firm and the coaching client, producing results for both.


• Professional Co-Active Coach

• CDR Behavioral Assessment

• Systemic Team Coaching

• Team Coaching 360

As a Business Leader…

Proven record of P&L management with focus on revenue contribution across B2B and B2C industries.

Demonstrated expertise in trend spotting to bring innovative new products to market that capitalize on market needs.

Ability to take loosely defined concepts and break them down into executable strategies.

Created environments that enabled innovative thinking and creative problem solving to consistently deliver superior business results, as well as personal and professional development.


Coaching Works NYC

Executive, Leadership and Emerging Leader Consulting and Coaching

Team Impact Consulting and Coaching

MasterCard Worldwide

North America Security Solutions Products Group Head, SVP

North America Product and Solution Sales Group Head, SVP

MasterCard Advisors Global Retail Banking Practice Lead, SVP

Fidelity Investments/National Financial Services

Core Product Management Group Head, SVP

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company

Institutional Business (B2B2C), Chief Marketing Officer

JP Morgan Chase – Chase, Chemical, Manufacturers Hanover

Retail Bank Deposit and Savings Product Management Group Head, SVP

Consumer Credit Cards, Marketing and Product, VP